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Posted on 08.01.2016


a4169490652_1037. Ta-Ku, Songs to Break up To (2013)
I don’t even remember where I got this recommendation from. It might have been a student, it might have been BBC or Radio 6. I can’t remember. But I found this album in 2015 and haven’t stopped playing it. It’s wonderful. It’s all electronic, instrumental hip-hop. It flows and has emotion, and is perfect for playing in the background of just about anything.

There isn’t a track on this album that I dislike, but my favorites might have to be I Miss You and Heartbreak. I think because they’re at the top of the album, they have the most impact. Once you realize how great the album is, you continue to enjoy it, but it’s no longer a revelation, maybe?

Check it out if you like: Burial, Underworld, Bonobo.

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