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Posted on 08.01.2016


Unknown36. Buscabulla, Kitsune: Buscabulla (2014)
Buscabulla (Spanish slang for troublemaker) is the music project of Puerto Rican designer and Brooklyn resident, Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle. Thanks, The duo showed up on my music radar sometime last year, and I patiently waited for the album to be released. It’s a short little thing, only 4 songs, but it’s never the size that matters, is it?

These 4 tracks are awesome. All of them. They can stand on their own, and they also work well as a team. Electronic, visceral, atmospheric and has a strong baseline. Everything I love in music when I can’t understand the lyrics. Caer is definitely my favorite of the 4, but it’s not a boy band, so I don’t necessarily need to choose between the edgy one or the shy one.

Give it a listen if you like Si*Se, Brazilian Girls, Esthero, or female vocals.

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