I tried: a few products that are NOT tested on animals, but are sold in China. Blame Sephora.

Posted on 26.12.2015


s1375849-main-LheroAnd you know what? I don’t even really want to review them, or mention them, because no press is bad press. NOT testing on animals isn’t enough.

I’m going to mention them at least, since I went through the trouble of finding the images online and posting them here, but I think this might be my last post on any product that is not 100% cruelty-free.

Origins makes some amazing eye cream. I’m not sure if it’ll undo the damage that has already been done through years of smiling and laughing, and I’m not even sure I want it to. However, I got the sample and tried it. It was nice. Went on smooth.

Why are you selling in China, Origins? Doesn’t that, alone, basically go against your entire stance on animal testing? Food for thought. I’ll never buy your stuff. Sales are clearly more important than the ethics you claim to stand for.

s1673870-main-hero-300Glamglow is up next. Sure, they don’t test on animals, but they are ruled by the evil Estee Lauder corporation, who is absolutely ok with it.

Therefore, we won’t be buying this one, not ever. But thanks for sending the sample, Sephora. I think I like the idea of taking money out of Lauder’s pockets.

I was reminded while using it that although there ARE other brands out there that are not 100% cruelty-free  and might be fine or great, nothing feels or smells nearly as good as my smug self-satisfaction when I wash my face and apply my makeup every morning using an arsenal of products that I am certain never touched an animal’s skin.