I tried: LUSH’s Light Yellow foundation

Posted on 16.12.2015


s1308121-main-hero-300I’ve been trying to find an easy replacement for my Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Foundation.

I love the stuff, but Sephora won’t ship it overseas, so I have to either buy it while I’m in the US (which hasn’t happened since July 2013), or have a friend/family member ship it to me from the states. I think it’s a lot to ask, since shipping isn’t exactly cheap.

So since I’ve been slowly making my way through just about all of LUSH’s products, which are very easy to get here and apparently everywhere else in the world, I thought I would give their foundation a try. Why not.



The good news:
it’s easy to buy from many places in Tokyo, is an almost-match to my skin tone, feels nice enough on my skin, has good coverage, and is relatively affordable. And it spreads nicely.

The downside:
it goes on a little thick, is not a perfect match to my skin tone, and requires on-point blending so as to not be streaky.


3073It’s kind of a 50-50 split, since I think the Maran foundation is almost too thin. You can still see the scars on my face (yes! I have some, and maybe I’m the only one who notices them), and it provides very minimal coverage. On the LUSH foundation side, the coverage is heavier, which is great for covering things up, but you can almost feel the thickness, and have to really blend it to make sure it doesn’t streak.

I’m already one to cut my foundation with my moisturizer (it’s all going to the same place, right?), so that helps with the spread. But maybe it’s better as a winter foundation, and not a summer one, when it might melt right off my face.

So I guess I only need to buy each one, once a year, and I’ll be set. As we’re going into winter now, I’ll be able to hold off on re-stocking the Maran foundation until I go back to the USA in the summer. I think that’s a win.