Book 31: The Prestige, October 24

Posted on 05.12.2015


prestige31. The Prestige, Christopher Priest (Oct 24)
I picked this book up because I LOVE the movie. This might be one of my favorite movies to watch over and over again (to attest to this, I own approximately 12 DVDs here in Japan, and this is one of them).

Batman and Wolverine fighting with each other for most of their lives? David Bowie playing the Badass Nikola Tesla? Yes, please.

So when I caught the audiobook on Audible, OF COURSE I got it and listened.

The book gives SO MUCH MORE information than the movie had time to. Obviously, against the book, it’s clear to see that the story had to be edited for time. What’s interesting is that the book follows a man who turns out to be the grandson of ‘The Professor’, but doesn’t really know it, since he was adopted at a young age. Or something. Basically, the book is a re-telling through the diaries of the two main characters, played by Jackman and Bale in the movie (really, what excellent casting), as read by their grandchildren. And it has a really creepy ending.

The book has so many more meanings for the title than the movie gives us. It’s a much more interesting and long-reaching story overall, but I think for the purpose of summarizing the book, the movie did the best it could. It was great, even if some items had to be changed or removed completely. Like the extra twist at the end, which lasted for months.

Sadly, since I already knew the way that the Professor did his trick, it was easy to understand and notice in the writing of his diary. However, the book clarified it well, even if you didn’t understand what was happening until about halfway through.

As the story shifts from one person’s POV to another, it takes longer to understand what’s happening. At the same time, it’s written well enough that you actually feel for BOTH characters, rather than just the one (which the movie kind of pushes us to do).

It’s definitely worth a read, and then a re-read.

Note: This was the last book I read before giving up on my goal to read more than last year. I am actually in the middle of another book, but I am not pressing to finish it before the year is out. So expect less of these posts as I focus on Japanese and planning a wedding!

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