I tried: John Masters Organics shampoo and conditioner

Posted on 05.11.2015


It wasn’t by choice that I tried these products, even though I’ve often walked past the John Masters Organics stores here in Tokyo and wondered if:
a) they really ARE organic, and
b) they are therefore cruelty-free

I got a chance to find out 2 weeks ago, when, in a conversation with a student that was equal parts horrifically embarrassing and really, really thoughtful, she gave me some samples to try out.

About a month ago, I had a lesson with this student, whom I totally love. She’s so great. During the lesson, I made the mistake of scratching my head, and I had a dandruff explosion. All over my dark suit. There was NO way I could hide it, so I frantically started trying to brush it off to make it look normal again. I was thankful to be in the booth with this student and not one I’d never met, since I knew she would understand and not give me a bad rating because of it (this has happened to me before).

I’ve had issues with dandruff since I got to Japan, and I’m not sure what’s causing it, since the water is really soft. I’ve tried numerous cruelty-free products, and some random ones supplied by hotels, and NOTHING seems to curb the buildup. So I’ve just gotten used to it being there and try my hardest NOT to touch my head in lessons at work.

The next time I saw her, which was 2 weeks ago, she gave me a gift. It was samples of these two products. She explained that she used to have the same problem with dandruff, but that this shampoo and conditioner have since stopped it. It was really, really embarrassing, but I was also truly grateful that she thought enough of me to go out and get me samples of this relatively expensive hair care set.

pnaeeyh3bdumSo of course I was going to try them. She gave me the Evening Primrose shampoo for dry hair. I’ve since bought a bottle of it, after using it twice with the sample bottle. It smells great, and has that ‘organic, leaves your hair with no residue at ALL’ feeling when you wash it out. It feels like I’m using hard water when I’m done, just like BIG from LUSH, but it doesn’t matter. As all organic shampoos seem to go, I needed to add a bit more to my hair than I would with a non-organic, since the spread isn’t so smooth, but that doesn’t matter. Not one bit.

I’m not sure if it’s the shampoo or the conditioner (below), but this stuff leaves my hair feeling SO soft. Unbelievably soft. Like, now I can’t stop running my hands through my hair in lessons, and thankfully, dandruff isn’t falling all over me every time I do that, which is often. I’m sure it’ll pass. But OMG, come touch my hair, because it is ultra-soft.

lmpppmxr2lpuThe shampoo came with this Lavender and Avocado intensive conditioner, which is apparently just what you need after the shampoo comes out. It smells a lot better than I would have expected lavender and avocado mixed up to smell, which is great.

The conditioner spreads really well and feels a lot like mayonnaise, if I’m honest. It’s pretty thick, but that’s fine as I said, since the shampoo is pretty strong. It spreads really well and I could comb it into my wet hair pretty easily.

Between the shampoo and the conditioner, my hair felt amazing. I had the tiniest amount of buildup of anything I’ve used or tried lately, so I was willing to keep using it to see how it worked out.

I’ve been using Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi set, which is great, but still leaves me with SOME buildup and a slightly itchy scalp. I’ve been using a scalp serum I got from my salon, coconut oil, everything I could get my hands on, and nothing was really getting rid of the buildup or itchiness. Let’s face it: buildup is fine, if you have no reason to touch it. But if your scalp itches, that shit is going to announce itself to the world.

But this conditioner and shampoo set seems to do the trick, for the most part. It also came with a tiny sample of JMO Argan Oil, and I think THAT is what is really topping things off. I put it on AFTER blow-drying rather than before, since I don’t want to cause it to dry out while blow-drying.

I might have used a bit too much today, but my scalp doesn’t itch. This is doubly important NOW, as we move into a proper autumn and the air in Tokyo starts to get really dry. My scalp is fine, so I’m happy. I’ll keep watching to see if the change remains, but for now I’m really, ridiculously happy with this set, and I intend to tell that lovely student how grateful I am, the next time I see her:)