I guess it’s an outfit post.

Posted on 05.11.2015


IMG_5429I haven’t done one of these for a while, even though I’ve definitely been wearing some new/good outfits lately. I just don’t have the time or the available light to shoot them before I’m out and on my way.

Also, I don’t like having to ask Mark to take pictures of me, since it feels like a really narcissistic thing to do. Case in point: I took my CosPlay photos on Halloween myself, rather than waiting around for him so I could ask for his help. I generally get better photos when he takes them, as I have a better smile when he’s around.

This is just my criticism of me in front of the camera. I’m more used to being behind it and barking orders, of course, and haven’t done any modeling in at least a year. I don’t really plan on doing any more, at least not with strangers, unless the pay is phenomenal.

So, back to the outfit. This is where I’m at these days, and we’re FINALLY getting into my favorite season. Since I’ve been living here and since having a job that requires a suit and not my entire closet, I’ve started to dress more casually and comfortably on my days off. Now that I no longer have to consider if EVERY item I purchase can be worn to work, I can buy *really* casual things, like the outfit I’ve got on here.

IMG_5431It’s entirely from American Eagle. I never bothered to even walk into this store while I lived in the US, but now that I’m in the land of ruffles, lace and all things uber-feminine, I’ve started to appreciate it a lot more. Also, they have American sizes. Not that that matters too much, since I fit Japanese clothing pretty well in general, but it’s just easier than hoping I’ve grabbed the right size when I walk into a fitting room.

When I lived in Germany, I had the Euro sizes down and understood them. But Japanese sizes LOOK like Euro sizes, but are not. I’m not sure how exactly a CM measurement can change from continent to continent, but apparently it does. I have no idea.

The outfit: the sweater is from this season, the stretch denim is last year, Autumn. And I’m wearing Dr Martens, which I’ve finally, thankfully broken in. Oh, and that’s my new Nikon 1 J5 hanging around my neck. My favorite new accessory. Photo by Mark, which is why my face doesn’t look smug or stupid. I think.

I walked past the store with this sweater hanging on a mannequin near the window for a few weeks before I finally went in to try it on. I really like the open knit, since I tend to overheat pretty quickly. This is a nice way to wear a sweater without sweating too much, if the weather gets warmer unexpectedly, which it tends to do here when it’s season-changing time. I really love it.

Done, dusted. More later.

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