We went to: Shibuya on Halloween!

Posted on 02.11.2015


I wrote ‘we’, but Mark wasn’t a part of it… this year. I’m hoping he will be next year, though!

getting the make-up done. I don't usually wear so much, so it was fun!

getting the make-up done. I don’t usually wear so much, so it was fun!

Last year, I worked on Halloween. And then I saw the pictures of what goes on in Shibuya each year, and knew I had to be a part of it.

To reiterate to any new readers who weren’t with us during my life in Germany, I have been practically STARVING for a Halloween event. Germany doesn’t really do it, and there really weren’t enough foreigners in my town to manage a real, honest Halloween party. It’s just getting started over in Deutschland, and a big reason for that is that they already have Faschings, which happens around cherry-blossom time and is to ward off the evil winter spirits.

But it’s not Halloween.

Japan, and Tokyo especially, is a great place to be for Halloween, since this is the land of CosPlay. I’d been dying to do this for years, and wasn’t able to while I was in Germany. So I was determined to enjoy it this year.

Sailor Pluto!

Sailor Pluto!

I started small last year with a basic Cat Woman costume, but I was already planning for this year: to finally, finally dress as Sailor Pluto. I’ve been wanting to CosPlay her for YEARS, and now it’s easy, since I’m in the CosPlay capital of the world!

A quick view of a Google image search for ‘Shibuya Halloween 2014’ will yield a very specific thing: groups of people, all dressed for a theme. I wanted to find a group to dress up with. I thought I’d found it with all of the new Sailor Moon friends I made earlier this year, but sadly, none of them were able to join me.

But then, a miracle: Rika’s girls are starting to get into Sailor Moon! So I asked Rika if the girls would like to come with me, dressed as sailor scouts, to Shibuya for the night. And she said yes!! Miho wanted to be Chibi-Usa, and Miharu asked if she could be Luna.

This was great, since Pluto and Chibi are really close in the Mangas. You can’t really expect adults to dress as Chibi-Usa, because that kind of looks odd, but I guess some people choose to do it! Having a kid walking around with you dressed as Chibi is like a dream for CosPlay, though!

Pluto, Chibi-Usa and Luna!

Pluto, Chibi-Usa and Luna!

And it was wonderful, and amazing, and so full of people in excellent costumes. We had SUCH a great time. Anyone in a decent costume can expect to be asked for photos, repeatedly. While we were there, we took SO MANY pictures with total strangers! It was such a great atmosphere.

Even though there were a few scary costumes that made them cry (a little), the girls had a great time. I think they must have felt like TOTAL rock stars, since EVERYONE was saying how Kawaiiiiiiii! they looked, and asking for pictures with us!

one group of Sailor Scouts were men, another were women.

one group of Sailor Scouts were men, another were women.

And one of my favorite parts? There weren’t nearly as many ‘sexy nurse’ costumes as we’re used to seeing in the states. There weren’t a lot of slutty mice running around: I saw more men dressed as sexy nurses and sailor scouts than women… which was totally awesome. If I had an ass like that, I’d probably be running around showing it off, too. And I don’t feel bad looking at cute Japanese men in drag: those costumes took some balls to wear, so more power to them.

Sure, there were some ‘sexy pandas’. But not many. It was nice to see that very few women felt the need to dress sexy in order to get validation from strangers. This was more about ‘how awesome’ or ‘how well-executed’ your costume was, and that made it so much fun. There were a lot of dead nurses and zombies running around, of course, which was cool, too. A lot of them had really amazing facepaint for gashes and wounds that looked realistic. But the groups that these guys got together were insane.

happy girls = fun night:)

happy girls = fun night:)

To make sure the girls stayed happy and entertained, we stopped EVERY group of Disney characters we saw, so the girls could take pictures with them.

This was way easier here than when you go to Disneyland, since there weren’t any long lines of children waiting for photos with Aladdin;) And of course, everyone out that night was totally happy to take photos when asked. It was such a fun and happy night. And SO MANY PEOPLE! You literally couldn’t walk more than a few steps at a time without someone asking for a picture, or stopping to take a picture of someone else. We actually only walked around one city block, and it took HOURS. But it was so worth it.

OMG look how cute this little girl is!!

OMG look how cute this little girl is!!

My only regret from last night is that I wore gloves: my outfit was NOT conducive to taking photos on my phone at all, and made holding my camera difficult. Next year, I won’t be wearing gloves, or will have holes cut in the fingertips for easy swipe-action.

I will, however, definitely be CosPlaying the HELL out of my Pluto costume! Any chance I get, I’ll be rocking it again. There are so many CosPlay events here, it makes sense to do it up.

One of the best parts of the night came afterwards: all of the people I talked to who had no one to go with this year: now we’re all making plans to do a group costume together next year! That’s going to be amazing, and I hope we stick to it.

If you’re going to be in Tokyo around Halloween, don’t skimp on the outfit and go all-out cosplay. Because this shit is like the MICA Halloween party, and it is SO fun to do it as an adult.

Photos from the evening: