Life goals: I need to cut some down for now

Posted on 25.10.2015


I was really, really, ridiculously productive when I lived in Germany: I had a boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) who was gone on business trips 5  months out of the year, huge openings in my daily schedule that allowed me to do crazy things like go home, go for a run, shower, and THEN go to teach a class. I also had a lot of expendable income.

Things are different now, and I need to behave accordingly. While my income is fine, I now have a fiancée who is generally always with me if we’re not at work, and far less free time, due to a busy and lucrative work schedule.

This means that there’s really not enough time in the day, week, or year to complete all of the goals I set out to achieve at the beginning of 2015.

For instance: I wanted to somehow simultaneously keep up with new music, listen to podcasts, read 40+ books, and become fluent in Japanese by the end of this year. There is absolutely NO way I’m going to be able to accomplish that. If I were still the me of 5 years ago in Germany, no problem. But THIS me can’t do it all.

So, although it pains me to do it, say it, even think it, I need to lay off the books for a while, for the sake of my survival in Japan. There are not enough hours in the day for me to study/learn Japanese on Rosetta Stone, JapanesePod 101, or in the Genki book AND read or listen to books. No way. That free time needs to go to one of them and can’t be split between them.

I can still do podcasts on my lunch break, or when I’m having trouble sleeping. But I can’t use the time spent commuting to work for books anymore. I’ve been in Japan for 2 years, and my Japanese is still pretty bad. I need to fix that, if I ever want to achieve the top goal of being an English – German – Japanese translator. Really.

So it is with much sadness that I say ‘goodbye’ to my trying to read 40 books this year. I’m already at 30, and I think that’s an accomplishment in itself. I still have a LOT of audiobooks to get through, and I’ll be doing that when I have the time, or NEED A BREAK from Japanese. But survival comes first. So I have to put the fun down for now.