Book 29: the Sound and the Fury (Oct 5)

Posted on 18.10.2015


29. The Sound and the Fury, William Faulkner  (October 5)
I’m not sure WHY I picked this one up. It was probably recommended by Mark, and it’s a very popular novel, considered an American Classic. So I guess I had to read it.

In case No Country for Old Men wasn’t confusing enough with the protagonist shift that you only realize about halfway through (it wasn’t), I picked up something more difficult.

I was pretty sure that part 1 was the most difficult thing I’ve ever read, save for trying to read Trainspotting and Porno as an American. Then I got to part 2, and that was somehow more difficult. My preference was, of course, part 4, but the entire book was gorgeous. Although the writing style was completely different and difficult, it reminded me a LOT of Steinbeck. That might be because it was basically a tragedy about the decline of a family. But it was beautiful to witness, which isn’t something we can say for reality, I guess.

And now I have to try to read more Faulkner. Anything to keep me from burning or breaking something after another Murakami.

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