Book 28: No Country for Old Men (Sept 30)

Posted on 18.10.2015


-640wi28. No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy  (September 30)
So it goes: read a Murakami book, get really angry, wash the taste out of my mouth with a McCarthy book. I’m not sure how long this pattern can last, but I appreciate the general existence of books written by Cormac McCarthy.

I’d already seen the movie, years ago, but figured it was time to read the book.

This story is almost shocking, since you don’t realize that the book ISN’T about the idiot we’ve been following around since the beginning until at least halfway through it. I should have guessed by the title, but I didn’t. Since I’d already read Child of God, I assumed that the narrator was just some nameless, faceless guy, like the people who would talk in the beginning of the chapters in that book. I actually didn’t realize it was the same character, the same person, until the story started to match up to what was being talked about by that guy.

What a refreshing way to write a story. How nice to see a change.

I think I prefer the book to the movie, but that’s always the case. There are a few scenes that I would have liked to see on film. But I won’t complain. The book is its own entity and was excellent, as usual. Does Cormac ever fail?

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