How make a sandwich when you have OCD and want to use tomatoes

Posted on 16.10.2015


You know how sometimes you just have a craving for something? That happened to me last week. I really, really wanted to bring an Italian caprese-style sandwich to work for lunch, and I had most of the ingredients at home.

I’ve been trying to spend less than $20 each week on food and snacks while at work, so I’ve been doing pretty well with planning ahead and packing my lunches to bring to work.

But this presented a problem. A caprese sandwich should have tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on it, both of which are notoriously ‘wet’. It also requires some olive oil to be drizzled on it. Putting these things on the sandwich at home, wrapping it up and bringing it to work would result in a soggy, disgusting mess. So I did some creative packing.

IMG_5766I wrapped each item separately. I left the ham in the container, fully packaged. I brought my own small bottle of olive oil, which I keep at home, infusing.

I packed the ‘Italian herbs’ separately as well, in a small container (that’s the pink circle). As for the cheese and the tomato, I wrapped each in their own bento container, and lined each container with paper towels in order to soak up the moisture.

I probably could have tried to go to Subway and get something Italian-ish there, but I’ve never really been a fan of Subway, and their offerings in Tokyo are less appetizing than what they offer in the US or Germany. I guess I could have also just pre-made most of the sandwich at home, like Subway does, wrapped it up in foil, and just dumped it all on the bread when I got to work. But that would have wasted foil on top of the paper towels. Wasteful!

IMG_5767So by the time I got to work, the tomatoes and cheese were mostly dried out, and I could put everything on the sandwich as planned. There was very little mess or leakage, and I got to have a fabulous Italian sandwich at work.

In the end, I got a perfect caprese sandwich that I made on my own with excellent ingredients. The only drippage came from the olive oil, but I guess nothing is perfect.

I also had some ham and tomatoes left over, so I could snack on them after I finished.


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