a Product I love, Packaging I hate

Posted on 16.10.2015


I wrote earlier about writing to LUSH about their packaging of cosmetics: the container for their Emotional Brilliance loose powder is extremely difficult to use, and makes me NOT want to buy it. While they are apparently testing some new container for the powder as you read this in one of their London stores, that testing isn’t happening over here, so I’ve been trying to find other ways to store the powder so I can actually use it, without spilling half of it out all over my sink every time I open it.

Recently, I was shopping around and saw another company’s loose powder packaging: at MUJI. I did my research on MUJI’s cosmetics a while ago, and it turned up inconclusive. As we all know, ‘inconclusive’ when it comes to whether or not cosmetics companies test on animals usually means ‘they don’t want to talk about the fact that they are totally ok with harming animals’.

But the packaging was interesting, and the powder was cheap. I spend enough money at MUJI on office supplies and snack food, so I figured spending the $1.50 to get the powder package wasn’t necessarily a terrible thing. This package was plastic, so it could be re-used. I’m glad about that, since it means I’ll never have to buy THAT ONE again. MUJI sells a lot of reusable plastic containers, actually, which I have often bought for office or home storage. They are like the kings of storage solutions in Japan.

I’m rationalizing this to myself, but I think in the grand scheme of things, me buying one container of their loose powder won’t put a huge dent in their numbers or profits.

Since moving to Japan, finding some things has been difficult (as my readers well know). I’d expected to be able to find a good, reliable piece of plastic to hold my loose powder at LOFT, or maybe even one of the 100 Yen shops (because they really do have everything), but I couldn’t. I even thought I could find it in the ‘plastic containers for bathroom things’ section of MUJI, but nope.

IMG_5444So I bought the small container of pressed powder (which was too light for me anyway), dumped it in the bathroom trash can, and then poured in my LUSH pressed powder. Done. It worked like a charm, and I haven’t lost THAT MUCH of the powder since then.

I recently bought a second container of the powder from LUSH to refill it, and it’s all going well, so it was time to write about it. I hope LUSH can find a container that actually works, so I don’t have to compromise my morals again anytime soon.

Unless it’s for chocolate, or not doing yoga in the morning. Because my bed is effing AMAZING.