I tried: Lush’s No Drought dry shampoo

Posted on 30.09.2015



Ever since I came to Japan, I’ve been looking for a good dry shampoo. I’d read a few things online from women who’d come before me, and just about all of them mentioned that a good dry shampoo is really helpful in the summer here, since the humidity is usually up around 80%+.

So, I went about looking for a dry shampoo, in the form I knew it best: aerosol. As it turns out, these are extremely hard to find, as aerosol seems to be less-popular than pump-canisters. I don’t really like the results I’ve gotten from the pump sprays I’ve tried, so I basically gave up and was asking friends to sneak some in for me in their suitcases when they came to visit.

But then, I happened to swing into the newest LUSH in Tokyo, located in Harajuku. If this isn’t a flagship, it really should be: it’s HUGE, and it has so much more in terms of product than any LUSH I’ve been to in the past.

I was there  because my friend told me it was open, and I wanted to go in and take a picture. At the time, I didn’t actually need anything from LUSH, since I’d just stocked up in Shibuya a few weeks before. But of course, since it was a lovely new store with that ‘new store smell’, I had to walk around.

So I just happened to see this while I was commenting to Mark that this place had way more than I’d ever seen. I picked it up, read the part of the container I could understand, and asked one of the workers if this was a shampoo, and she confirmed it. Then she showed me how to use it. And it’s cheap compared to buying an *actual* shampoo. So I snatched that shit up and practically ran to the register.

And since we’ve still had a few days of lingering summer weather, I got a chance to finally try it out last week: My hair was on day 4, and I had one more to go before washing it again (it’s a long story, about my work schedule and how long my hair can ‘last’ between washes), so I decided to try it out before going to work with an up-do. It has a great citrus smell and although the powder itself is white, it blends right in to your skin/hair and doesn’t show up.

It definitely de-greased and dried my hair out for an extra day, and I probably could have gotten away with a second day on it, had it not been ‘wash day’ the following day.

It’s relatively inexpensive, but I think it will probably go fast. That being said, we’re just about out of the warm weather, and my scalp doesn’t get nearly as sweaty or greasy in the winter, so I imagine it’ll hold me through next summer, at least.

If you can’t find a good spray dry shampoo in Tokyo, definitely try this. It totally works, and smells great.