Book 23: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, Aug 8

Posted on 13.08.2015


51loWdmrXCL23. Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, David Sedaris (Aug 8)
I’m not sure why this book was sitting on my wish list on Audible. I imagine it might have something to do with the fact that I’ve read (and written about reading) plenty of David’s previous works, and this one just had to be next. I’m glad it was there, glad I bought it, and glad once again that it was read by the author. There really IS something about having the author sit and read his/her book to you. It feels so personal.

I’m a huge fan of the short story/essay format, and David’s dry sense of humor is wonderful to read. This book felt like he had written my life: walking through the Costco with a cart full of things that cause the other shoppers to stare, picking up trash in the South Downs National Park, being harassed at the UK immigration counter EVERY SINGLE TIME I WALK INTO THE DAMN COUNTRY about when I’ll be leaving, and the trials and tribulations of learning German and Japanese, so as to survive and live in the country.

I might never live in France like he and Hugh did, but everything else was just about spot-on. I’m glad someone else can see the inherent humor in being hassled by immigration officers about when you plan to leave, and the eternal search for that ONE THING that you know will make your partner so, so happy, and always finding something that is not quite the thing you’re looking for, but quite possibly the closest you’re ever going to find. Do you buy it? Or do you hold out?

After I read (listened to)this, I decided that David Sedaris is my soul animal. At least this month. Until someone else comes along and manages to capture MORE of my truth in one book. I actually went right to Amazon as soon as I finished it and bought the paper copy, so I can own it and dog-ear its pages, and highlight passages in it to make other people read later.

I highly recommend this collection for anyone who’s traveled or plans to travel. There are a lot of international experiences in there.

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