Book 22: the Bedwetter, Aug 1

Posted on 02.08.2015


bedwetter22. The Bedwetter, Sarah Silverman (Aug 1)
I was trying so, SO hard to finish this book on July 31, so I could have ONE MORE to add to the July header on the books page. Ah well. It’s ok. Maybe I can do 5 this month.

The Bedwetter rounds out my collection of books by female comedians. I know there are others, but I don’t know the other ladies very well, so I don’t really feel the need to read their books. I’m a big fan of Sarah and her style/delivery/schtick, so this was a good one.

I’m not sure how I feel about the book, though. The first part, which covers her childhood issues with bedwetting and being something of an outcast, worked really well and did a lot to get you into the mind of the young comedienne. However, after that, the book turns into almost a list of things that happened in which ‘people got really pissed at Sarah for a joke she made’, and it almost comes out as apologetic or explanatory. I don’t mind this so much, and it was good to read about her very short history with SNL and where she went from there, but some of the things she writes about seem like she’s trying to prove to the readers that she isn’t trying to offend specific groups on purpose, even though she knows the things she says are offensive.

I think the reason she doesn’t get away with it sometimes is because maybe it’s not so 100%, and not South Park. She makes a valid point in the book when she says that because of her name and her looks, she’ll always be ‘Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman’, rather than just ‘Sarah Silverman’. I think the only rebuttal I’d give to this is that if she weren’t Jewish, she’d be knocked right into ‘female’ or ‘feminist’. But since she rags on her religion (and all of them), she gets the Jewish rap, regardless of how much she practices said religion.

That’s not a bad thing. In fact, there was one passage that actually made me want to convert to Judaism with the way she talked about it and compared it to other religions, including the one I left.

It’s priceless to have the author read their own book. I love that this is a thing so many of the comedians and writers are doing these days. Please keep doing this! Her delivery of her own words is the only way it should be read (or heard).

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