Book 20: Bossypants, July 18

Posted on 22.07.2015


689a88267369f5e5c2d3360d618479e420. Bossypants, Tina Fey (July 18)
After necrophilia and serial killing in the dirty south, I needed to go back to my feminist side and maybe laugh a little. Not that I didn’t LOVE Child of God, I just needed to maybe chill out for a book or two.

I’d bought this audiobook on a shopping spree of awesome women who wrote their own books one day. I was SO excited to hear it read by Tina, as listening to Amy Poehler read her own book was nothing short of perfect. Tina was definitely on the list after that, and I think I learned a lot about her that I hadn’t guessed before.

For the most part, I was out of the US when Tina shot to a more public fame, but I did get to be there just at the beginning during the 2008 election, when Sarah Palin made her impression on the rest of the US. I didn’t even realize she’d actually been OFF SNL at that point in time, mainly because I never really stayed up to watch the show. Now I’m hoping I can get episodes on netflix (when it comes to Japan) or maybe hulu (already in Japan, but mostly Japanese). Or DVD? Maybe? If not, I guess I can always just get 30 Rock somewhere.

The book is full of funny and smart anecdotes, but one that I loved is where she talks about a meeting that was early on in Amy Poehler’s time at the show, when Amy effectively told someone off for making a comment that may have been sexist. Tina thought ‘my friend is here’ about her, and it was so sweet. They really do make a great team. I’m not looking forward to ‘Sisters‘ or whatever it’s called coming out, but I like their work separately and together.

It’s also FULL of feminism. Not the outspoken, feminazi feminism like people might accuse her of, but more of ‘a common sense way of life’, which I 100% appreciate.

I think if we ever met or worked together, we’d be friends. Ah well.

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