All the feels

Posted on 21.07.2015


It’s not something I wanted to post on Facebook, but I wanted to talk about it somewhere.

Not my office. But similar.

Not my office. But similar.

I work with my fiancé on Sundays. When I started working at his office, I asked to be seated far enough away from him that I couldn’t hear him talking. This is because if I hear him talking, I generally stop what I’m doing to listen. That’s not good if we’re both teaching lessons, and the office is open with cubicles.

However, he sits almost directly in the MIDDLE of the office, so any seat I took would have been about the same distance away from him. On a normal Sunday, there are so many students and teachers in the office, that I can never hear him because it’s too loud. It’s good that way for me. I don’t get distracted.

However, this past Sunday, we had a 3-day weekend due to a public holiday on Monday, so the place was quiet compared to a normal weekend. Many students take advantage of the 3-day weekends and take trips, so we had fewer students, and therefore, a quieter office.

And I could hear him. Almost all day.

All day, in nearly every lesson, he mentioned his girlfriend, or his fiancée, or the fact that I was here in the office today, or how great I am at teaching grammar. Every 45 minutes or so, I heard my name.

This was not, at all, what I thought I would hear from him. I just know I like the sound of his voice. But I heard it all day, like a quiet chorus or echo, while we were both teaching 3 rows apart.

I am so lucky.