I tried: Lush’s Dream Cream

Posted on 03.07.2015


Dandruff: it’s an issue I’ve been dealing with here in Tokyo, even though the water is totally soft. It’s not just me, either. A lot of my friends/coworkers who are here from the US have the same problem: dry, itchy patches just behind the ears, extending up and back.

41JO4RhSMYL._SY300_I was waiting for the train with a friend one evening after work, and he pulled out a TUB of cream, and proceeded to rub it on that spot of his neck. I recognized the LUSH packaging and asked what it was. When he told me it was Dream Cream and that it was for his itchy scalp, I asked to try some.

It felt really good and immediately soothed the itchy spot, so I went out and got some of my own the following week.

So far, it’s been perfect: it’s thick and has a creamy texture, and it doubles as a regular body cream. The smell is nice: fragrant, but with a touch of ‘this is probably vegan’. This is fine, since I generally prefer unscented lotions. It feels a lot like Weleda’s Skin Food, which is another favourite of mine that currently lives in my office, purse, and bedside table.

It’s got a bit of an oily reside on my hair (of course), but on my skin, it’s soft and smells nice all day long. I could smell it all through the day I spent in a training, and it wasn’t too oily under my clothes.

I just kind of wish it came in a smaller size, so I could carry it around in my purse. In its current form, it’s just too big and heavy. I’m thinking of putting some in the last of my small sample containers from Lush, since I still have one left and was just going to return it. THAT might be a good size for travel!

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