Added to the music page: FKA Twigs, EP1

Posted on 03.07.2015


I’m so late to the game posting this, although we’ve loved her for so long here at our house… we just forgot to talk about it. I’m pissed we’ll be missing her when she comes to play Fuji Rock this month here in Tokyo, but I’m not interested in much else on that line-up, or that many assholes being in one place. I might be almost done with festival concerts (Stephanie, if you read this, take note: I still want a festival concert as my bachelorette party).

If you don’t know who FKA Twigs is yet, or why she’s awesome, then here’s a video you can watch. Artist, performer, and lovely voice. Gorgeous lyrics, great sound, and it appears, a really great live show as well. Oh, and she won the Mercury Prize in 2014. Because of course she did.

I’m actually surprised Tricky hasn’t tapped her for a collaboration, since her sound is right in line with what he’s usually looking for in a female vocalist. Maybe she isn’t gritty enough?

Favorite tracks: Two Weeks, Video Girl, Pendulum. Check her out, see her live, buy all the albums she makes. Yes, please.

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