I need to find a way to do ‘outfit shots’ on my own, without looking like a total dick.

Posted on 24.06.2015


compositeBecause neighbours.

I had an excellent set-up when I lived in Germany: my huge balcony faced farmland, and my downstairs neighbour was never outside. I could take as many photos as it took to get the shot right, without anyone seeing me and thinking ‘what a narcissistic bitch, how many photos does she need?’. It was also easy to set up, since my balcony was just off the bedroom and I could leave the camera on the tripod near the door. I had my own reflection in the windows to check the image, and it all went much faster.

Here, I have no such luck or space, although my house is probably bigger than that apartment was, and larger than what most people in Tokyo expect to live in. I really want to shoot some quick shots outside, but there are 4 houses across from me, and I don’t want to be posing and shooting and re-shooting like a dick when they happen to leave their homes, which it seems they ALWAYS do. The nice little old lady across from us is sweet, but I think she might think I’m slightly crazy already with the amount of time I spend cleaning things.

If this were the states, I wouldn’t really care what others thought of me taking photos in my yard. But everyone here is so GD concerned about what others are doing and thinking, and it’s hard to get used to. Also, my Japanese sucks, so I can’t talk to my neighbours at all, for the time being.

We went to see Mad Max: Fury Road today, and I dressed for the breeze (there was a  slight breeze, if you were facing the right direction). Summer is definitely upon us, as are the days of 100% humidity (rainy season!).

Today was also a bit of a big day, as I haven’t worn shorts in a few years. I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about my inner thighs, and shorts don’t really seem to be made for them to *actually* look good in. I always feel like I’m tying a string around a sausage when I try shorts on. There’s always some unnecessary squeezing going on somewhere, even as the waist size goes up.

So I bought a pair that I thought looked ok, and then I left them in my closet. I pulled them out in the morning as we were getting ready to go and showed them to Mark, and he was like ‘when did you get those?’ to which I replied ‘last month’. So of course, I had to put them on and show him, and after numerous ‘no, they look totally fine on you’s from him, I decided to wear them instead of the long black skirt I’d been planning on.

I’m not sure they were 100% successful, as they did the patent ‘ride up and maybe show your ass cheeks’ move that all shorts tend to do on me, but they were comfortable enough.

Showing off legs is a bit of a ‘thing’ here, and I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while now. I just haven’t had the time. In Japan, more often than not you’ll see shorts cut UP TO THERE, rather than seeing cleavage-revealing tops. I have a feeling this is mostly due to the fact (or idea, I haven’t done the research yet) that most Japanese women are relatively flat-chested in comparison to, say, women in the US or Europe. But is also seems that everyone here has amazing legs. So unless I want shorts that come down to my knees, I’ll be finding shorts with a 2″ inseam at most.

I wore these pretty-short shorts with my black Kristel top from Kriss Soonik (tucked in, because having the suspenders hanging out might have been too much) and my recently-purchased, finally-arrived ‘Kimono’ from Forever21. Oh, and the Dr Martens, from which I now have 2 new Achilles blisters, because of course.

It definitely kept me cool, and definitely caught the breeze. I’m happy with the outfit, or happy enough, although I’m not certain I’ll ever be 100% happy with my thighs. Female problems. But hey! First time wearing shorts in a long, long time!

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