Art and outfits.

Posted on 19.06.2015


not my image.

not my image.

We went to see the Cy Twombly show that’s here in Tokyo at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art this week. It was in a part of the city we hadn’t been to before (Shinagawa), and only about 30 minutes away on the Yamanote line (SO easy!). Mark’s not a huge fan of his, but I love his work. So we got up and headed over there early on Tuesday morning, as the gallery opened at 11 and we didn’t want to spend all day out in the hot sun. We’re still (always) trying to be as efficient with the heat as possible.

I have to say, I wasn’t overly impressed with the show, although the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art is actually really awesome, and a nice, small space. There were only 4 galleries on 2 floors, along with a top floor space that is good for only one small installation. A lot of stairs, but the architecture of the building reminded me a LOT of the smaller spaces in old rowhomes in Baltimore.

twomblyThe show was a collection of his works on paper. It started off light with his more monochrome works, and as you moved further along in the show, the color he uses slowly came into play. It was really well-organized.

Everything was hung and presented beautifully, but it seems the museum might not have gotten express permission to recreate some of the images. While they had a show catalog for sale, there were no postcards, and the posters they’d printed were not available to buy.

I’m not too upset that the show wasn’t amazing. I’ve seen a LOT of his work in galleries, and I know how great his series can be when shown together. The drawings on their own don’t have quite the impact of everything together, but I’m happy to go and see his work when it comes around on tour:)

IMG_3941Since we were out and not sure how much walking we’d have to do, I tried to dress for breeze. Or, to catch the breeze. Mark made some comment about me swanning or floating into a throne room in the outfit I was wearing, so I think the ‘breeze’ idea was definitely a success. I wore the long, grey skirt recently purchased from Forever21 with my white nep-knit top from Express (as seen in many photos from Australia). It was definitely a loose outfit, and good for the weather we had, which turned out to be pretty hot and humid.

I didn’t take any official photos of it, but the museum had a nice sculpture garden in the back and a few nice sculptures in the front, so I got a photo or two in this while we played with the different angles of an interesting one near the museum entrance.

not my photo!

not my photo!

Sadly, there was no plaque telling us who the artist was, but it was a fun piece to walk around: looks like a cylinder, is actually a cone that’s missing its inside. The photo ops were endless.

Definitely go to the Hara if they’re having a show! It’s a nice little gallery near an embassy, and it deserves to be seen. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that I can sign up to be on their mailing list 😦