Try your products in different countries

Posted on 05.06.2015


OLPE04This is a post specifically about two products I use already: Lush’s Retread conditioner, and Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap (the liquid Castille soap, although the bars are cool, too).

I used both of them in Germany, years ago, and was unhappy with their results in the shower. The water in Germany is pretty hard and full of chalk (or something else that stains everything white), so bath products will react differently to that than they do in the soft Baltimore water that made my hair so, so shiny.

I’ve used Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps for a long time. The Castille Soap is perfect for my combination skin, and it’s kept me mostly zit-free for years. It’s been my go-to face wash that is thankfully available everywhere, or just a mail request from a friend away. Just the right amount of dry. I wish I’d known about it as a teenager.

It’s not, however, that great as a BODY WASH in Germany, because it’s relatively dry: against the dry water, it’s kind of shitty and leaves a residue.

02019HOWEVER: here in Japan, where we have soft water (OMG THANK GOODNESS), it’s actually really nice. Still dry, but no residue.

I’ve had a similar experience with Retread from Lush. I tried it first in Germany and thought it was thin, didn’t spread well, and I had to use too much of it. On top of all that, it didn’t really do my hair any favors.

But when I picked it up here in Tokyo to use with my Big shampoo (also from Lush), it was a different story completely. Maybe they changed the formula or something in the past 2 years, or maybe it’s just the water. This stuff spread really well, gave full coverage, and I didn’t have to use a lot of it. It was thicker, it seemed, or maybe that’s just due to the fact that now I have a tub of it, and earlier in Germany I’d bought it in a squeeze bottle. Who knows.

Either way, both of these weren’t great in Germany, but are excellent here. So if you happen to be stuck in a country and can’t find anything NEW and vegan/cruelty-free to try, then try something you already know, and see if it’s different in country #2. It just might be.