Book 17: Trigger Warning (June 3)

Posted on 04.06.2015


635495819668785757-Trigger-c17. Trigger Warning, Neil Gaiman (June 3)
There are books you read, and books you enjoy. Then there are books you love. I fucking LOVE reading a Neil Gaiman book, especially one full of short stories. I could live in them.

His are the types of books you want to slow down your reading for, because otherwise it’ll be over too quickly. But you can’t stop or slow your reading, because it’s just too good.

They were ALL too good. I even re-read the ones I’d already read, just to keep continuity and prolong the magic.

Sherlock Holmes. Dr Who. Amanda Palmer. Shadow. They’re in there, dotting the landscape, inhabiting the same universe as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Can I please just go live there?

Special thanks to my friend Ivanny, who went to his local bookstore in Brooklyn, NY to get me a signed first edition. You’re a great friend to have got it and sent it to me:)

I won’t spoil any of it, but a few of the earlier releases are in here:
The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains
~ Click Clack the Rattle Bag
~ The Sleeper and the Spindle

Otherwise, all new. Go and read them now. Then re-read them. And again.

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