Book 16: Richard III, May 24

Posted on 04.06.2015


4206016. Richard III, William Shakespeare (May 24)
I know I’m late in writing this, but I got busy. Richard III finishes out the last of my physical copies of Shakespeare’s plays. From this point on, I’ll be reading them on the Kindle, as it’s a bit harder to find them all (in covers that I like) over here in Tokyo.

I’m happy to be out of Richard III, since it was a bit long to read. It wasn’t bad, but I just didn’t really enjoy it very much. As far as tragedies go, it fits right in with the rest of them. I’m not totally sure why I didn’t like it so much. Maybe I just wasn’t interested, or was thinking about what was coming after it. It happens. I can’t love them all.

A lot has been said about Richard and what he did, but many people would suggest it was all propaganda on Shakespeare’s part. I don’t actually know much about it, so I’ll be doing the research on my own after this. I DO remember, however, his body being found beneath a car park last year or in 2013.

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