If you have a complaint, you should talk about it: LUSH Emotional Brilliance Powder

Posted on 31.05.2015


I wanted to share this update, since I haven’t actually talked about using the product:

Recently, I’ve been using LUSH’s Emotional Brilliance powder: the stuff is excellent, however, it’s a pain in the ass to use.

The container it comes in is pretty small. It’s a loose powder, and normally this comes in a container that has a piece of plastic on the top, with holes in it, so it doesn’t all fall out at once and get all over the GD place. This powder doesn’t have that safeguard, as you can see in the photo (left), so every time I open the container is another change for disaster to strike. It’s also the reason I only bother cleaning my bathroom sink like once a week. The shit gets everywhere.

I was talking to a student I see often about it (the one who shares my views on animal cruelty), and she said I should write to them. I haven’t actually thought about writing to a company since I went to Universal Studios Orlando in 2013, when I wrote to complain about their lack of vegetarian food options that were NOT fries or salads. However, the thought stuck with me, so I shot them an email.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 08.48.38I wasn’t necessarily expecting a response, I just wanted to get the idea out to them for consideration.

As you can read in my message, I pretty much stated all of the stuff I mentioned above, in a nicer fashion.

I appreciate that LUSH is in Japan. I appreciate they’re cruelty-free. I appreciate that they make cosmetics that I can use and find in almost every country.

But I don’t appreciate that packaging.

Please to help?

As I said: I wasn’t expecting a response. So when I got one, it was pretty shocking. It wasn’t even an auto-response!

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 08.48.52It appears great minds MAY think alike. Or maybe, maybe: everyone else who uses this product thinks it needs a makeover.

So I’ll be hoping that test goes well so I can buy the new package soon, and hoping I can make the current tub of Emotional Brilliance last until next time.

Make it last, and try NOT to throw it across the house when I spill it all over my sink, which will definitely happen ONE OF these times.

Thanks for that response, Stephen!