The never-ending search for pasties comes to Japan (NOT THE UK FOOD)

Posted on 19.05.2015


I’ve written about it before, but I have a serious problem when it comes to dressing myself.

My headlights are always on. Always. It’s a bad Jennifer Anniston joke whenever I try to go braless. All of my bras are padded, and even the tank tops I buy have an extra layer of padding, just in case.

It’s not really much of a problem, except for when I accidentally buy things that require one to go braless, or risk looking really, really dumb. Halter tops fall into this category. And so does a dress I bought last summer, that I’ve been determined to wear this year.

I can rock the dress over a bikini top, and that’s ok, except that the cut-out arms go in really far, and the bikini top sticks out, a lot.

I’d previously been looking for (and found) pasties in Germany, and had also found a really great website, which I’ve since lost track of. So when I realised what this dress required of me, I went out to try to look for them.

But, what the hell are they even called over here? I can barely squeeze out a sentence or question past ‘where are the …?’, so to go into a shop, looking for nip covers, wasn’t going to work.

IMG_3769Thankfully, I see an average of 10 students each day, and one will probably be female (but only one, mind you). So when these golden opportunities walk into the booth, I ask loads of shopping questions.

One student in particular always wants to talk, and we have a lot in common, so I asked her what they’re called. She told me they’re referred to as ‘nippless’ (like, ‘no nips’). I thought this was a sick joke, until I went into a shop asking for them (another question I know well: ‘do you have…?’), and the woman immediately knew what I meant, and ran off to get them for me.

But the thing was, I had to buy them in a drug store, like a CVS. We don’t have Target here, where I imagine I would have found them. My first thought (aside from straight to the internet, of course) was to go to a lingerie store. There are so many of them near me in the shopping area of Ikebukuro, but none of them had them. This idea came to me because I know you can get pasties at Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood. I figured it would be the same here. Maybe it is, and I haven’t found the right panties shop. Or maybe they just belong in the drug store here. Regardless, I got some (along with a hefty order from the Yandy’s website, since they had plenty of stripper pasties to choose from), and brought them home.

When I opened them at home, though, I was unimpressed. These were neither fun, nor sexy. At all. I guess we need some sensible ones sometimes. I guess. These looked just like circular band-aids, like the ones you use when you have a blister on your toe from wearing awesome shoes. Except, of course, the center was wider than a band-aid.

headlights: hidden!

headlights: hidden!

Un-sexiness aside, they did the job. As you can see, my new haircut means my chest is no longer covered, and the pasties worked just fine. As an experiment, I left them on over night: they didn’t budge.

Well done, Japanese drug-store pasties. Now that I know where to find you, I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.

This opens up a whole new realm of shopping possibilities now.

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