Book 15: 1Q84 Book 3, May 7

Posted on 14.05.2015


IMG_337315. 1Q84 Book 3, Haruki Murakami (May 7)
Finally, finally, this book is done. I’m not complaining, it was a great story, but just really long.

The final book really did a good job in tying things up, and left very few loose ends. There was a lot left to ask though, such as:
~ Did Aomame get to keep her close relationship to the Dowager in the normal world?
~ What in the hell happened to Uchikawa (or his body) after he died and was left on the table in the room?
~ Where did Fuka-Eri run off to?

These were the things I really wanted to know. I thought it was nice that there was a scene tying a *possible* Uchikawa to the cab driver they met on the freeway at the end, and the woman in the Mercedes being there to help.

I appreciate the story and also how much was left for us to decide. I’ve made my own answer to the questions I wrote above, but I’m sure Murakami has a very different idea of what happened to everyone. I’m really glad to have read this, and am now not SO afraid to pick up another of his books. If this had been anything near what Underground was, I might be done with him for good. But thankfully, I’m in Japan and am able to talk to many, many students, so I’ve got recommendations on what to read next from him.

Now on to something completely different: Richard III from Shakespeare. Because I’m still doing that Shakespeare thing and need a change.

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