Blackmilk postergirl, first pair of Doc Martens.

Posted on 14.05.2015


IMG_3712There are some companies which, despite whatever else is going on in the world of fashion, always do their own thing and make whatever the hell they want.

Blackmilk is one of them. I found them while still living in Germany, and my friend Verena and I both went a little crazy with our first purchases. My first pair of amazing leggings from them was the Galaxy Rainbow design, and I loved them. You’ll see them pictured over on the Claes and Coosje World Tour page, somewhere in the Germany photos.

Sadly, they no longer fit and I needed a new pair. So I went right ahead and got another design that I love, the Mucha leggings. Added to the Drape Hoodie 2.0 that (finally) came back in stock, I was really excited to wear the entire outfit. It is actually kind of hard to find tops that work well with these leggings, so getting a black top straight from the source really is a good option.

BUT. I also needed a pair of flat boots, to replace the basic black moto boots I ran right into the ground. I purchased them at the end of 2013 before I moved to Japan, and they got a WHOLE lot of wear. It appears that at the time, I was dragging my heels a lot and wore them down(health issues, go figure), so getting the heels replaced would have been really expensive, as I wore through all three layers of them.

Cue me, trying to buy black boots in the middle of the already-on-the-shelves summer shopping season. Not a single pair of normal black boots in sight, unless I wanted rain boots. I DO actually want a new pair of rain boots, but I can’t just go buying everything at once.

Thankfully, there are TWO Doc Martens stores very near my house. Initially I wasn’t too keen on the idea of buying Docs. The teenager in me thought of the skinheads and neo-nazis in my middle and high school who wore them, and I don’t ever want to be associated with them. I also thought that since I’ll be turning 34 this year, I might be a bit too old to be wearing Docs. However, as Verena so wisely pointed out: You’re never too old for Docs, and lots of different people wear them, and I hopefully won’t be associated with any of them. Also, I’d like to think that my wearing them is like an antidote to all of the dicks you see wearing them. I can hope. Also, since I like to think of my general fashion sense as ‘rock star’, Docs will work with everything I already own.

So I went to the shop and tried a few pairs on. I thought at first I might want to try out the heeled pairs, but after seeing them in the store and feeling the different types of leather, I decided I actually preferred the original style. Also: the basic flat style is better for walking and doing lots of things, in general. Heels are for people much more concerned about their appearance than I am. I’m concerned about walking all over Tokyo in comfortable shoes. Since we walk here. A lot. Everywhere.

As many of you know, I’m very concerned with NOT overpaying for things. This means that before buying the ones I tried on and liked in the store, I had to do some online research, regarding the cost of shipping as attached to the boots being sold in the US.

The math came out like this:
JP store: $190 (I’m giving you the conversion from Yen here)
US store: $130

That should have made all the difference and caused me to buy online from the states, except for this small, annoying detail:
Shipping to JP from the US store warehouse: $80.

Add tax to that, and the US shoes came out to $220. So I bit the bullet and went back to the Ikebukuro store, and got myself some new Docs.

Now, I just have to finish breaking them in. We’re almost there.

Sometimes it’s just easier to buy the VAT-marked up one that’s closer to home. Sadly.

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