Book 14: 1Q84 Book 2, April 22

Posted on 02.05.2015


IMG_337314. 1Q84 Book 2, Haruki Murakami (April 22)
I feel bad for saying this, but I really don’t have too much to say about Book 2. Like most of the books stuck in the middle of a trilogy, this one was so much about setting up the end and setting a scene, giving more information, etc, that I didn’t feel like it could stand on its own in any way.

That’s not a terrible thing. I just feel a bit like I had to push myself through this one to get to Book 3,  which I’m almost finished with now.

Murakami writes really well and this is a really interesting story. I’ll give it that. I like it a whole lot more than I liked Underground, of course. The books are night and day, fiction and reality, imagination vs facts. Ok.

I’ve started skipping over some of the internal monologue, and I don’t feel bad about that. It’s to the point where there’s an eye roll and a search for the roman text. Kind of like listening to your friend complain about their breakup for the umpteenth time.

That small thing aside, the story is interesting to read. I’ll write how I feel about it as a whole when I finish Book 3 this week.

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