Things I’ve worn lately, most photos from a 3-week vacation

Posted on 28.04.2015


IMG_3628As you probably know by now, I went on a 3-week long vacation/road trip around southeastern Australia at the end of March. So this may or may not be a very ‘fashionable’ post. I thought the idea of taking a vacation and NOT packing for a resort (which is effectively what we see when doing a ‘vacation fashion’ google image search) might be interesting to write about.

So we went on vacation at the end of March. This is the end of summer/beginning of autumn season in Australia, and we traveled from Sydney down to Hobart and back again, which meant we drove through a lot of different types of weather.

I had to effectively pack one suitcase for summer and autumn, and include hiking gear in all of that. I basically chose to ditch the ‘outdoor clothes’ that most might consider best for hiking in a move to try to get the most out of more dynamic clothing, as you see in the first picture. Yeah, I brought my ridiculous, hard-to-miss pink hiking boots, but chose to hike in my denim leggings and a hoodie, layered over a t-shirt, instead of synthetic outdoor apparel. My thinking on this was that I wasn’t doing any survival-style activities that required more hardcore clothing with special features like sweat-wicking, and I knew I could handle the amount of sweat I might end up getting from these, if I got it at all hiking in the colder temperatures (at the top of large hills/smaller mountains).

And also, that SuperDry hoodie is REALLY effing comfy and soft on the inside, and perfect for falling asleep in, should the camper be too cold on some the nights in Tasmania (which it certainly was).

IMG_3488 IMG_1590That being said, OF COURSE I brought SOME cute things with me for the summery weather we might catch while NOT hiking in the cities.

I bought this dress last year and am just getting a photo of it now. I’m still not 100% sure it’s actually a dress, as I have to wear my black short bike shorts underneath it. It feels just a little too short for a gust of wind, you know? So I wore this (with a black sweater, since the shade in Melbourne seems to enjoy being colder than I’d expect) for a day spent touring a city that reminded me a whole hell of a lot of Baltimore, with some amazing graffiti spots and great local art. It was a lovely day, but a little windy, of course, so I’m glad I wore the shorts. I’m also glad I’m only 5’3″ on a good day.

IMG_3982I expected some cold weather, but the wind was what really shocked me. For some reason, although I’d just come from something that felt like nuclear winter when your house is in Japan, I wasn’t expecting cold wind.

I’m really, really, ridiculously glad I brought along the blanket/scarf I bought on a particularly blustery day at a festival concert in England in 2013. This is seriously the best 15 pounds I’ve ever spent, and this scarf is the best thing ever. Unfold it for a picnic. Lay on it on the beach. Wear it as a substitute for a jacket in winter when you end up in a country without one (which was me in Jan ’14 after moving to Japan from England, while all of my clothes were still in boxes in the US). Or, just wrap it around your neck a few times and have a HUGE, chunky and cozy scarf that blocks ALL THE WIND.

I love this thing.

IMG_3161My FAVOURITE things, however, have been the two pictured here. Both come from Express, and thankfully, this was one email I opened up (usually they go to rollmeup and I generally skip them). A skirt that has a fold in the front to make it this year’s hi/low skirt, and the most comfortable t-shirt I’ve ever owned. I’m not exactly sure what ‘nep knit’ is, but holy hell, BUY ALL OF IT. I wore these two things most on the trip, mainly for comfort, but also just for general ease of use. The tunic tee was so easy to do anything in, and the fact that it was oversized meant I caught lots of cool breezes while hiking, and the skirt was great for walking a city OR climbing large rock formations, as it could be easily hoisted up and even tucked in on the long side, if I needed it to be.

IMG_7116Here is the skirt from this week, just being worn out with another white tee (I think Mark is tired of the other one, since I wore it so much). Even tucking the shirt in, it looks great and by no means ‘too old’. The fold is a nice, simple design feature that makes it a little out-of-the-ordinary, and I keep getting people staring at it. That, and the two little girls I watch once a week kept trying to pull the shorter side down, since the fold was confusing to them. Fun for everyone?

I’m still *slowly* building the wardrobe and getting rid of all of the unnecessary stuff, but so far I’m happy with what I’ll be wearing in spring. More photos as I actually have days off (this is only twice a week) and leave my house

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