Taking shitty pictures of quasi-recent outfits, slowly working on a ‘wardrobe’

Posted on 13.03.2015


I know I was bitching about not being able to find my ‘fashion self’, but I think it’s slowly coming along. Corrie suggested I try out the capsule wardrobe planning idea, and while I think it would be great, I haven’t really had the time, due to how much I’ve been working lately. But I liked the general idea of it and am trying to think differently about what I buy these days.

My wardrobe planning and shopping has really changed now that I don’t have to multitask my clothes for work and off time. I have a very specific set of clothes that are ‘for work’, and they generally don’t (read: CAN’T) overlap with my free time clothing, since I don’t want to wear a suit on my days off.

So here’s a bit of what I’ve been wearing lately. Please disregard the background of some of my work photos. I don’t have the time or inclination to take photos at home with a tripod and timer just yet, so these aren’t great. Ah, well. Growing pains.

IMG_0406First: DEFINITELY not being worn to work, although it is a bit of a statement ABOUT work. Not about my students, who are allowed to make the mistake, but about some people who work for my company. I’m leaving it at that.

I found it on Etsy and had to have it. Mark is a big fan of t-shirts, and I’ve been wearing them a lot more since we’ve been together. This one is made from the same blend and company as some of my other (currently in the USA) t-shirts, and I’m going to be wearing it pretty much every weekend until I get tired of it. Fits perfectly, super soft, gets the point across. Don’t fuck up your ‘theirs’, kids.

No really, it’s important.

There’s (<— see?) all of this shopping I COULD be doing in Tokyo, but haven’t had so much time (I think I might say this too much, but it’s the damn truth). So recently, I went a little apeshit online and bought a few things from Express and BlackMilk. While these things might not all TOTALLY go together, I think they’re starting to form a good foundation, and work well with what I already have. I seem to really like tees with leggings a lot lately, but wanted to dress up easily with a skirt. You might get a TON of outfit shots from my Australia vacation. It’ll be three weeks of non-work outfits, mostly new things, and in something like end-of-summer weather.

IMG_81181I’ve been doing a lot of H&M-ing lately, and it’s not because I’ve suddenly decided I love their clothes, but moreso because they’re one of the only places I’ve found to RECYCLE old clothes yet. Again, time constraints, I KNOW there are places that will buy clothes in good shape in-season, but my Japanese is terrible and I don’t want to spend my day off hoping to get rid of the clothes, when I can just bring them to H&M and get a coupon back.

Also, there’s a decent one near my office, so if I end up with an hour or two to spare, I can run over. Once a season. These were both purchased at the end of summer/beginning of autumn last year, and I’ve definitely been getting my money’s worth out of them. I’m opting for mixing patterns. My suit is a dark blue/grey herringbone stripe, so these patterns have worked out well. Also, since I generally wear a suit jacket, having bare arms isn’t too big of an issue. I may or may not be allowed to rock that one in summer, though.

IMG_07711Wearing a suit each day to work hasn’t been AS MUCH fun as I’d hoped, but I’ve also been pretty lazy. I’m still figuring out how to arrange my closet for easy access, and nothing sucks more than putting on a freezing top or bra in the winter, in a freezing house. So speed has been more of a priority these past few months.

The top on the left might be one of my only tops that will transfer over to jeans well. I just picked that one up and have been trying it out. We shall see. The dress is from UNIQLO’s W14 line, and it was just a quick, great thing to find for when I want to just toss something on and go. It’s slightly short, but when I’m standing that’s not a problem. Just have to make sure to keep my legs under the desk while sitting, which is always.

For as much money as I dropped on the suit (read: I should only buy one a season/year), I’ve gotten more than enough wear out of it. I’m almost excited to go back to ‘cool biz’ though, because I’m getting tired of wearing my suit jacked over all of my cute tops. This shall be the summer of scarves and accessories!

IMG_88611This outfit was NOT for work, but for my birthday. I got the skirt on sale SUPER cheap (like $5), and I knew I had to have it. I’m not going to be this size forever, so I might as well rock it while I can.

It took me a while to find the right top, but I knew I wanted something cropped and black. I found it in the basement of PARCO, which is where I seem to find just about everything I’m looking for (more on that later). The top won’t work so well with my regular work skirt or trousers, so at this point it’s really just for this skirt. But I’m actually ok with that, since it was all pretty inexpensive and I know I can just throw it on if I need something awesome, fast.

The photo really doesn’t do the skirt justice. I might have to try to wear it again, in daylight, just to take a better one.

I really wonder if I could get away with wearing this one to work during ‘cool biz’. I might have to ask my boss about that. I think it might be awesome, but it might be too much for the financial district.

IMG_0189Also not a work outfit, and ALSO found in the basement of PARCO: the comfy sweater I rocked for the second half of winter. I went in thinking I’d get something huge and oversized to hang over my leggings, came out with a sweater that fits at the waist and hangs off a shoulder, with 3/4 dolman sleeves. I guess it happens.

For only having bought 1 sweater this year, I’m happy with it. When it was colder, this one got worn just about every day off. Now that it’s getting warmer, we’ll move to the grammar t-shirt and hope we still love it when winter rolls around again.

I’m pretty sure we will.

So that’s what I’ve got, and all of the bad photos I’ve taken. I promise to try to take better photos eventually. Once we get back from vacation, we’ll have a more *normal* schedule and might get to actually enjoy our time off.

Here’s hoping all of the clothes I ordered get here before we fly. Otherwise I’ll be one pouty bitch.


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