I tried: Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation

Posted on 02.03.2015


I got this as a sample from a recent Sephora order, and thought I’d really like it. The sample only lasted a day or two, maybe three uses in all. But I really liked how the foundation went on my skin (much easier than the Tarte that I was using at the time), and how it blended and changed to match my tone perfectly. This is really an excellent advance in recent cosmetics: the ability to change to match tones, within a given range.

s1308121-main-hero-300So when I placed a later order, I added it to the basket. I thought I might like it MORE than the Tarte I had been using for a year or so. Then, when I found out about Tarte’s sale to Kose, it was easy to make the switch. As far as I know, Josie Maran doesn’t test on animals, likes to brag about it, and also makes sure that none of their ingredients are tested outside by other companies. So I’m ok with them.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a really cold bathroom during the winter, thanks to a lack of central air in Japanese homes. This is great for cosmetic and perfume storage, since it stays cool and dry, but for some things, it might not be so good. I have a feeling that this foundation, since it lists ‘argan oil’ as an ingredient, may not be usable in the winter months. It MAY have solidified a little over the winter, as I’ve been using a BB cream and trying to use up the rest of the Tarte foundation I have left.

One thing that I find odd, and was trying a LOT before stepping away for a bit: I think there may be solids in the serum. I’m not sure, and it could just be leftover lint from towelling off after washing, or maybe the cold weather caused some things to stick together, but a few times, I felt something like a piece of sand while rubbing the foundation into my skin. At first, I thought it was me. But for it to have happened repeatedly made me think it MIGHT be the foundation. This is one of the main reasons I put it aside for a while. I figured I’d pick it back up later and just see if it was still there.

I started using it again this past month, as it’s started to warm up here in Japan (let’s be fair: it’s way warmer here than in any of the countries I’ve previously lived in). I’ve noticed that it’s really nice and thin, and almost impossible to spot after I’ve applied it. It’s important to note that this comes in a pump bottle. I’ve noticed that 1 pump is MORE than enough to cover my entire face, and even has a little left over. That’s really good to know, since this wasn’t cheap and I intend to use it all summer! On top of the Celestial moisturiser from Lush I’ve been using, it’s super smooth. The only issue I can find with this foundation is that I can’t exactly use an extra drop as concealer. That’s all. Not a huge issue, in the grand scheme of things. There are plenty of concealers on the market to try:)

Highly recommend.