Book 7: Stranger than Fiction (February 20)

Posted on 24.02.2015


51yLRHHYERL07. Stranger Than Fiction, Chuck Palahniuk (February 20)
Found at the same time and in the same Book Off shopping experience that yielded the Vonnegut book, I knew I had to read this one, too. I’m such a sucker for short stories, and to read a series of TRUE short stories, or essays, was just what I needed post-Vonnegut and Ronson.

I will say this, without giving too much away: the image on the cover is downright terrifying once you read what it’s referencing in the book.

A lot of this seems like ‘my life post-Fight Club’, which it undoubtedly is, having been written after the fact. A lot of the stories in the ‘personal’ segment fall into that category, as do a few parts of a few in ‘portrait’. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s interesting to watch this introspection and record of ‘what happens after you become famous, and how jarring and odd some of it is’. I personally find it hilarious that so many people beg him to tell them where the local fight clubs are in their towns, as if he’d know or even care.

I love the way Chuck writes. It’s as if a friend is just telling you a random story (or 15) while sitting on your couch. It’s a good read to break up all of the monotony, although I wouldn’t call what I’ve been reading ‘monotonous’ by any means. In fact, after looking back at past years of books read, I’d say this might be one of my more successful years of reading, and I’m only 7 in. I’m going to try to keep it that way. I have a lot of good ones lined up.

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