Book 4: Into the Wild (Feb 5)

Posted on 09.02.2015


into_the_wild04. Into the Wild, John Krakauer (February 5)
I think someone recommended this book to me or my boyfriend at some point recently, so I grabbed it when I caught it on Audible. I really enjoy books of the 7-hour length, because I can get through them in one work week.

I had a slight idea of what to expect from the book, as someone had compared it to Grizzly Man from Werner Herzog, which I totally loved (and was my first  documentary). I haven’t seen the movie for Into the Wild yet, but plan to once Mark has finished it. I think he’s starting on it now.

The book is written by John Krakauer, who initially wrote an article on Chris’s death. He felt the need to investigate further, and got all Capote on it. It turned into a really interesting story, as he interviewed nearly every person Chris had met along the way in his years of hitching and living off the land before he went north to his eventual death in the Alaskan ‘wild’ (in quotes because he actually wasn’t so far out, according to most Alaskans). He does a great job exploring all of the possible things that led to Chris’s demise, and also backtracks on something he reported early on in the beginning. He explains everything that happened, mistakes Chris made, and also discusses what could have saved his life.

SUCH an excellent story. So well-written and enjoyable to read, given the subject matter.

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