Book 3: Yes Please (Jan 28)

Posted on 29.01.2015


512QYi8RoLL._SL600_03. Yes Please, Amy Poehler (Jan 28)
After the last two books, I needed a memoir to break up all of the talk about time travel. And wouldn’t you know, Amy Poehler decides to talk about time travel in her book. What are the odds that THIS is the unintended theme of 2015?

I fall into that missing generational area of late-1981: some consider us to be the last of Gen X, and Gen X considers us to be the beginning of the Millenials. Clearly, I don’t quite fit in with either, although I tend to be a VERY jaded, yet somehow entirely too optimistic and patient version of both. I prefer to stick to the ‘Generation Catalano’ moniker that came out a few years ago, as I think it suits us sitting in this year perfectly. We grew up with Angela Chase, and we are NEITHER, DAMMIT.

That being said, if I WERE a part of Gen X, I would nominate Amy Poehler to be the ‘voice of our generation (women category)’, even though some might consider her too young for the honor. I will say that even though she’s about 6 or 7 years older than me, she’s perfect to be MY voice for THIS generation. Gems like ‘if you don’t lick pussy, keep walking‘ need to be read. By everyone.

This might be the first audiobook in my list that I’ve laughed out loud at, on the train or in public somewhere (since I don’t often listen at home), multiple times. It’s hysterical, it’s honest, and it addresses a lot of things a lot of people in this age group, or in general, might feel or be thinking. I’ve gotten more than a few alarmed looks from strangers while listening to her read her own book.

Also, I really appreciate (and I said this on Facebook, too) that she was 37 when she had her first child. Sitting here at 33, I was just starting to get that panicky ‘people are going to start noticing I really don’t have kids yet’ feeling. Not that I necessarily plan to have them, but I’ve always figured I’d adopt a few when I was done living and running around the world, around my 40’s. Her having her first at 37 makes me feel a bit better about not being totally concerned yet.

If you were born in or around 1981, read it. Or listen to her read it, which is maybe even better. I still plan to buy the hard copy

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