Trying out Lush moisturizers, trying NOT to buy the entire store

Posted on 25.01.2015


As I mentioned in an earlier post, my last trip to Lush resulted in my taking home 3 different facial moisturizers to try. These are literally going to last me AT LEAST through the winter, but I’m hoping that by the end, I can find one that I like, and so replace my current Caudalie moisturizer that is really hard to get shipped here.

I ended up there in the first place because my future sister-in-law sent me an excellent Lush gift basket for Xmas, and it included a small sample of their wonderful Million Dollar Moisturizer. In a perfect world, I’d just switch to using this immediately, but it runs something like $60 over here. So, no, not for that size tub!

With that in mind, I went back to Lush to try some of their other, more affordable moisturizers after doing a little research of their available products online on the UK site, since the Japanese one is shockingly ALL IN JAPANESE, and I can’t read yet. I found them, was given samples, brought them home, testing now.


353-skindrink-resized_1209_c53Skin Drink:
Is the first of the three that I tried. Sadly, I’m not testing any of these with anything NEAR an ‘open mind’: Million Dollar Moisturizer (MDM) leaves some big shoes to fill: it’s the right thickness, spreads on really smoothly, and feels great alone on skin. All of these are going to be compared to that one, and I feel a little bad about that.

That being said, Skin Drink isn’t bad. The fragrance is nice and not too heavy. Its consistency is pretty thick, so I think it’s better for winter than the warmer months, when it might feel like too much. The spreading is a little thick as well and feels like you have to push. It’s not quite as smooth going on (as MDM) and feels almost heavy on the skin.

This might be due to the fact that I was, and will often be, standing in a cold bathroom while applying. Others in homes with central air might feel differently about it.


This is the one I WANTED to like most, since it has a cool name. As is pretty much ALWAYS the case, it’s actually my least favorite. Whereas Skin Drink feels great for winter, Imperialis is relatively lighter, spreads thinner, and might be better for summer. I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent, but that’s not a big concern. It wasn’t bad by any means, just not my favorite. It spread on pretty well, but seemed to disappear too quickly. I prefer my moisturizer to hang around being ‘moist’ for the foundation or cream I apply directly after, as I prefer to cut my thicker foundations with moisturizer for a better spread and no streaks.

All of that being said, I do want to try this one again once it gets warmer, and my bathroom isn’t freezing. I have a feeling it might be great in March or April. I’m hoping the sample I have lasts until then.


Of course, the one with the slightly religiously themed name ends up being the one I like most. Of course. Kind of like how little kids and babies totally love me. If this were the story of Golidlocks and the three bears, Celestial would end up as the perfect one in the middle. Not too thick, but thick enough. Not too heavy, but great for winter. The scent is good, and the spread is MUCH easier than Skin Drink. Also, it stays on the skin for a bit before being soaked up, so it lasts for foundation application.

Against MDM, of course, it’s still not better. But if I had to choose one that went on ALMOST as smoothly and felt ALMOST as silky, it would be this one.

So Celestial is by far the winner, but now, I’ll continue to use all of them in order until I run out and have to buy some more to use:) I’ve got a full bottle of Caudalie left as well, so it may be a while before I go shopping. That being said, I might end up not needing a new winter/thicker moisturizer until next autumn, since I have enough to last me through the summer. I *might* get liberal with my Caudalie moisturizer and use it a little quicker, so I can get to the good stuff that’s 100% non-animal testing safe.