Book 39: The King in Yellow (Dec 29)

Posted on 10.01.2015


9554-square-40039. The King in YellowRobert W Chambers (Dec 29)
OF COURSE I had to do it. There was such a big commotion being made over the ideas of this story being used in True Detective, which was a great series that I can’t wait to see start up in a second season, it HAD to be read.

By all reports, I’m not mad yet and have no inclinations to rule the world, and have seen NO yellow signs. Therefore, I think I’m ok.

The book is interesting, and a collection of short stories which may or may not be connected to each other (I think they’re just vignettes and not connected). The first 4 are about the story, or play, The King in Yellow, in which people who read it go mad. The final stories are just shorts, and interesting, although not connected to the first four.

Overall it’s a nice collection, and a bit dark (some or most of them)… but that’s just how I like my short stories. The full play or story that is said makes its readers go mad is never actually given in full, so don’t be afraid to read the book 😉

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