Book 37: The Snow Queen (Dec 20)

Posted on 10.01.2015


37. The Snow QueenHans Christian Andersen (Dec 20)
This one was being given away for free as a holiday special on Audible, so I grabbed it. I’d seen a movie of it a long time ago, and remembered liking it. Also, since this story is apparently what Frozen was based on, I wanted to see how close it came to the movie. I remember being 8 or 9 when Disney put out The Little Mermaid, and being SO angry at the differences between the movie and the story I already knew from Hans. AND, there was that animated film that came out in the 80’s, in which Ariel dies. Just like in the original story.

So I went into this one prepared to be annoyed at Disney, but it turns out, I wasn’t totally. The reason for this is that this original story is SO completely far-flung from what Disney made into a movie, that they can’t possibly be considered in the same frame. The only similarity between them is that there’s a lady, who is a queen, who lives in a land of ice, alone. There’s that. But that’s where the similarities end.

That being said, I really like the work of Hans and loved this story. As expected. He writes such sweet stories. Half of the story isn’t even about the queen, but rather about all of the people Gerthe meets along the way who help her or try to keep her. It was excellent.

I think it’s really important to read fairy tales in their original forms. Something will surely be lost if the world remembers the Disney versions of these, rather than the originals, which are so less saccharine.

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