on receiving bath products as gifts

Posted on 31.12.2014


I’m writing this because I need to backtrack, or make an exception, to something I said in the past.

Years ago, I ranted and railed against the typical holiday gift of bath products. At the time I was living in the US, and it was typical fashion at Christmas to get the ‘obligation gift’ from your boyfriend’s parents, or people who didn’t know you very well but still felt the need to get you something. It was always, without fail, a gift basket full of scented bath products.

Usually from stores like Bath & Body Works, the Body Shop, or Victoria’s Secret, the gifts were ALWAYS the sign of ‘I don’t know you very well and had NO idea what to get you’, so here’s some glittery body wash.

It was really annoying to get so many bath products from people I hardly knew, which I’d probably never use. Most often, they went into the tub of ‘bath products for guests’ or ‘to go to the gym shower’, since most of them came in travel sizes. Generally, though, I couldn’t use half of them, since my skin is highly sensitive to scented products.

I’m not bitching about getting gifts, here. Because getting gifts is always great. But I AM bitching about the complex in which we feel like we HAVE TO give someone we hardly know a gift, and can’t really be bothered to think too hard about what they might actually want. I’m sure in some cases, some of the givers thought ‘this smells good, I bet she’d like this’. But it came after the decision to walk into a bath products shop, which is effectively admitting defeat.

tumblr_mez99yn8hT1qd9chsAll of that being said, I now have to change my original position of NOT wanting bath products, at the age of 33. This is absolutely because of one store: Lush.

Generally vegan, not tested on animals, with cute names for all of the products and even a package/container recycling program: LUSH is effing excellent. I got two gifts from Lush this holiday season, and I am absolutely, 100% going to use EVERY single thing in the gift boxes. My skin isn’t sensitive to their products, and they’re a company I can actually get behind. And both of the people who gave me gifts from Lush this year KNOW how much I love them and their products.

So it’s because of this that I have to go back on my original stance that giving someone bath products for Xmas is a copout. In this specific case, it absolutely is not.

Thanks for all the excellent bath products, guys;) That Sea Salt shampoo is gd AWESOME.