Shopping for a tall guy in Tokyo

Posted on 28.12.2014


Thank goodness for my students, really.

IMG_9761My boyfriend is tall. Taller than your average Japanese man. While I’m in clothes heaven here since I’m the same height as most Japanese women, my boyfriend is literally ‘big in Japan’.

We’d been trying, since we got here, to get to know where we can go shopping (as I’ve mentioned in plenty of posts before) for clothes and shoes. My boyfriend’s options are limited. Over the summer, UNIQLO had some excellent T-shirts available for sale, and I kept on pushing my boyfriend to buy some, to which he replied: he already had too many.

Then one day recently, he decided he needed more t-shirts, and also a new sweater for fall. So we went out looking. Of course, by this time, all of the t-shirts at UNIQLO were swapped out for vests and jackets, which he didn’t want. We found no sweaters he liked. They’re (UNIQLO) a little on the boring side for men’s fashion, actually. So we decided to hit Harajuku, to see if we could find any cool t-shirts there. During our ENTIRE walk through the fashion shops section, we realized that:
~ most t-shirts were vintage band shirts, and way overpriced
~ when not band shirts, they were branded with logos.

No dice. Also, nothing really fit well. Too short in the arms and length, too wide when we got the arms right.

So we went home and ordered him 5 shirts from Threadless and Miles to Go. Because of course we did. They’re his favorite shops anyway, so it made sense to just tick off a few more from his wish list.

Later, I told my student, a very tall man who’s about my age, about this, and he laughed and told me that when he has to buy clothes, he just goes to the western shops: H+M, Zara, Gap, Benetton, American Eagle. Because they have sizes that actually fit him.

Here we were, trying to buy him some ‘Japanese clothes’. We should have known it wasn’t going to happen easily. Suits, yeah, no problem, they’re made to be altered down. If he needs pants, he seems to fit in to top range of sizes at UNIQLO and Muji… But tops? I guess it’s better to stick to what we know.