Added to the music page: Wet, Tirzah and Young Fathers

Posted on 28.12.2014


139022277431. Wet: Wet (2013)
Do you know how hard it is to google this band? It’s effing rough. The band is called Wet, the album is also called Wet, and when you google search, you get Wet Wet Wet and their entire history, of course.

This isn’t a full album, but an EP with 4 tracks, but those 4 tracks are brilliant. And since this is a first release, better to discuss NOW, rather than after they’ve become all famous and stuff.

Recommended by my lovely friend Drew, the band hails from Brooklyn and could be classified as indie, pop, electronic, etc. The songs are slow, moody and vocals are great. I love her voice, and love it especially over the tracks. Slightly sulky, a little muted, but beautiful.


131211-young-fathers-dead-cover32. Young Fathers: Dead (2014)
Surprise winners of the Mercury Prize, these guys snuck on the music scene out of practically nowhere. I checked them out just before the results came out (but after reading a list of nominees), and I have to say: an interesting album. Actually, the first time around, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but after a few listens it grew on me.

Something odd, though: their single, Get Up, for some reason makes me think of those crazy Terminus cannibals from the Walking Dead. I have absolutely no idea why, but I think it’s something about the line from the track ‘come in and do the right thing‘. That’s all I can say.

Aside from that oddity, I really appreciate their lyrics and style. This is a nice, new Hip Hop. For some reason it reminds me a lot of Tyler the Creator. Anyone else?

Check them out if you like good lyrics.


91533. Tirzah: I’m not Dancing (2013), No Romance (2014)
I heard both of these back to back, when I went to check out the voice of the woman singing on Tricky’s latest album.

What I love most about the fact that she’s on his new album is how he found her: his teenage daughter, whom he had with the excellent Martina Topley Bird, had been listening to Tirzah, and he found her through his daughter. I’d expect only the BEST musical tastes out of the child of those two, but what I find a bit interesting is how similar Tirzah’s voice sounds to Martina’s.

In the track I’m Not Dancing, she says, “I’m not dancing, I’m fighting/ I’m not shining, I’m burning/ I’m not touching, I’m feeling”. Those are some lyrics I can get behind. And both of the EPs are excellent.

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