only SLIGHTLY pissed off by this

Posted on 28.11.2014


this is such a ridiculous thing to post about, what with there being books to read and runs to go on (other blog), but I wanted to share this because I do find it just a little silly:

250 points for this?

250 points for this?

I got THIS from my recent Sephora order (which was mailed to my parents in Baltimore, then to me, later). I was SO excited that Sephora now offers so many perfume minis in the Beauty Insider rewards lounge, and when I saw they had Desire: The One, I of course went for it.

This little bottle cost me 250 points. That’s the equivalent of $250 in Sephora spending I had to do to get the points. And I got this tiny thing.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson from this: don’t blow insider points on the perfume minis. This is SO small. I’ll make better use of future points and stick to the *actual* makeup they offer in the rewards section.

The only upside to the size of this is that it will be a good fit for my running cosmetics bag.

Sigh. Such a silly thing to be annoyed about. But we don’t have to be serious around here all the time.

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