Book 36: Not that Kind of Girl (Nov 16)

Posted on 27.11.2014


lena-dunham-book-36. Not That Kind of GirlLena Dunham (Nov 16)
I kind of needed a non-fiction story from a strong woman after The Yellow Wallpaper, so I picked up Lena Dunham’s book. Memoir? It seems odd to call a book a memoir when the writer isn’t in her 30’s yet. Not sure about that.

I’m not sure I’d call her the ‘voice of a generation’, and I know that being born in 1981 makes me tail-end Gen X or the beginning of Gen-Y/Millennial (1981 is also known to those in the know as the MTV Generation, or Generation Catalano). Maybe shes IS the voice of Millennials. I have no idea. I can say, however, that I enjoyed the book and could relate to the things she wrote, thought and said. It was entertaining, and I appreciate how she strung themes together throughout the book, just when you thought she’d gone off rambling about something (which happened more than once, I’ll admit).

I appreciate reading a POV similar to mine IN BOOK FORM, and am glad to know that we’ve all had very similar experiences, growing up in ‘that time’.

Also, the book was narrated by Dunham herself, and I know her voice thanks to watching Girls, so it was nice to have it there, almost like going to work and having a conversation with a friend.

There was a lot of media BS a while back about a passage she wrote about her and her sister, in which some (possibly on the red side of politics) were suggesting that she molested or abused her little sister growing up. I have a feeling they didn’t actually read the book and just heard about it from others. Because when you read it, it’s about two young children acting like kids. I’m relatively certain that EVERY child I knew at the time was trying to kiss someone. And my parents made my sister and I kiss on the lips, always: each other, and family members. So I’m not sure that what she wrote qualifies as anything more than that.

The book reminded me that I need to keep up with my reading and following of strong females, as there seem to be a serious dearth of them over here who are allowed to speak. Seriously, it’s like Mad Men sometimes and that scares the shit out of me.

With that in mind, next I’ll be reading Amy Poehler’s book, before jumping over to 2001: A Space Odyssey. I need some more forward-thinking women in my life these days.

I PROMISE my next post will NOT be about a book. 🙂 Been busy lately!

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