Book 35: The Yellow Wallpaper (Nov 12)

Posted on 15.11.2014


The-Yellow-Wallpaper-and-Selected-Writings35. The Yellow WallpaperCharlotte Perkins Gilman (Nov 12)
I never knew about this story until my friend Matt Rota, who has shown me a lot over the years, mentioned it as the inspiration for a piece of art he’d done, which featured yellow tiles on the wall of a bathroom. We were in Paris at his opening at the time, and he said the story was one he enjoyed because it had this strong woman at the center who went mad inside her own head, while others just stood by and watched. So when I saw it on Audible on sale, I had to grab it. I listened to it on my way home from work.

The narrator is someone named Jo Myddleton, whose voice couldn’t be any more perfect for this story. She is that PERFECT English posh with the right amount of airy speech to suit this female character, and the way she read it was great. I had a hard time imagining what the wallpaper actually looked like, but that’s not a big deal. What a great story. It’s hard to point out when exactly she descends into madness, or if she even existed at all. I love stories like that. I’m glad he mentioned it, glad I found it, glad it exists.

This story puts me even with the number of stories I read or listened to last year, so now we’re going for a higher number:) Goal for 2014 complete! I’ve still got plenty to read and listen to, and a LOT of time coming up with work, downtime AT work, and an extra commute once a week that will be a good 2 hours taken out of my life for a high-paying freelance job. I doubt I’ll make it to my high mark of 49 in 2011, but it’ll at least be close. We’ll see where I end up next month.

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