Stories 34: 2 shorts for Halloween, c/o Neil Gaiman (Nov 11)

Posted on 14.11.2014


ClickClack_V134. Evening PrimroseJohn Collier
Click-Clack the Rattlebag, Neil Gaiman, (Nov 11)
I picked these two up because I liked Neil Gaiman on Facebook, and he posts things.

I was in the mood for some short storied after Blood Meridian, and when Neil posted about these on the newsfeed, I couldn’t resist.

He was on an episode of Selected Shorts, which is a podcast series I follow off and on. So when it turned out he was reading this story, I had to have a listen. I bookmarked the page for later. The story itself is a sweet one, and Neil read it really well. I was glad to hear him read it, since he knows exactly where the stress goes. It was a good choice for Halloween as well, since it’s a little creepy in what goes on. I have no idea who John Collier is, but I’m going to have a look to see if I can find anything else from him.

Click-Clack the rattlebag is a story that Neil wrote for Halloween, and was featured for free on Audible. OF COURSE I was going to grab it. Also a good short story, with an ending in which you’re not quite sure that happens, but have a pretty good idea.

I put them together because they’re shorts, and shouldn’t count as a full book when seated right next to Cormac McCarthy. But they were good, and I’ll remember them, and that’s the important part.

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