Book 32: The Whisperer in Darkness (Oct 17)

Posted on 12.11.2014


51-KNT+2TFL32. The Whisperer in Darkness, HP Lovecraft (Oct 17)
I listened to this one just after finishing the last one. I did it because I kind of wanted to KEEP reading/listening to more Lovecraft, because I know they’ll be good, and also because I knew it was a short one and I could get through it in just a few train rides back and forth to work.

That wasn’t the initial reason I downloaded the audiobook, I chose it because I really enjoy Lovecraft’s style. I’ve got an English student in Rome that I work with, and he’s currently working through At the Mountains of Madness. I was in the mood for more Lovecraft since we’re talking about it in our Skype sessions, and I want to give him more input about his style of writing.

I started the student on Dahl short stories, and then he progressed to Neil Gaiman, then he read On the Road, and then I gave him the Lovecraft story, and told him it would be hard. It is, but he’s getting through it, and I’m really proud of him, since when we started, he was having a hard time even with the Dahls.

So I picked up another Lovecraft, and it just solidified that I love his work even more, even though unlike Dahl, his stories are becoming a bit… predictable? Maybe I’ve read too many, maybe I ‘get’ his method. I don’t know what it is. It’s never boring, just starting to solve the mystery too quickly. I like this one because it DOES feel really realistic, very ‘this could happen to anyone’.

Although, to be fair, I think I’d prefer to live in the universe Gaiman has written more than the Lovecraft one, but who’s to say neither actually exist?

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