Book 31: The Shadow Over Innsmouth, Oct 11

Posted on 31.10.2014


51-Er6qUJsL._SL500_AA300_PIaudible,BottomRight,13,73_AA300_31. The Shadow Over Innsmouth, HP Lovecraft (Oct 11)
I was really so glad to be done with the Twain book. I needed something short and mostly guaranteed that I’d enjoy. So I went, of course, to a Lovecraft I hadn’t read yet. This one MIGHT just be one of my favorites, to be honest.

I love the way he hints at things that don’t become immediately clear, as they might in other books. There was a line in The Road where McCarthy writes ‘I saw, and I didn’t see’. Immediately, you knew that this was going to be terrible, as soon as that wagon showed up in the landscape he described. And yet, in this story, there were things that were said or uttered in SUCH passing that I missed them. I’m going to have to read/listen harder in the next book, since I have one left from him (for now).

I also really appreciate, but also get really annoyed with, the things that he chooses NOT to describe, and to leave to the reader’s imagination. There’s so much beneath the surface that we DON’T ever get to see (or read about), and that’s the stuff that lingers in your mind, long after the story is done. I’m STILL wondering why all of the third-story windows were boarded up. It’s been days.

Thanks for that, HP. I needed a good, creepy story to rinse out the ranting.

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