Posted on 11.10.2014


I really do feel like this is all some giant game by the cosmetics industry, in which the sole goal is to keep consumers constantly on their toes.

qvc-post-4-5I just read the (slightly old) news (how the hell did I miss that??) about Tarte selling to Japanese company Kose. Now, it’s not that Kose explicitly says ‘we love us some animal cruelty’, but the fact is that they’re NOT against it, and most Japanese companies are totally fine with testing and just consider it a necessary evil. Like taxes and getting your ass grabbed on the train by a total stranger.

Sure, Tarte will continue to NOT test on animals or include terrible ingredients in their cosmetics, but now their profits will go to support another company that is NOT fighting the anti-animal-cruelty fight. They might as well just hand the cash to Lauder now.

I JUST got used to Tarte, and was starting to plan my next purchase of foundation, powders and so on. And now I need to re-think everything as I’m sitting in a country WITHOUT easy access to multiple anti-cruelty brands. How in the hell am I going to test before I buy, now? I’m not even going to set foot in a ‘western’ country until March, when I go to Australia. And does that count? Maybe I can find something excellent there.

So now I must bid adieu to Tarte and look for some *actual* greener pastures. I’m not going to settle for using ‘we sold to a cruel company that will now keep our profits’ companies until I run out of free-standing, unaffiliated cruelty-free  brands to try.