I won’t be posting many of these, but I LOVE this polish

Posted on 03.10.2014


I subscribe to some blogs that are ALL about nail polish, and the cool shit you can do with it. I’m not going to turn into one of those.

I am, however, going to post about this awesome nail polish that I got last year, and have finally been able to use, since I was able to stop biting my nails. Again.

IMG_8106Can you figure out why I bought it? Can you?

I got my degree in graphic design and photography. I live and die by the Pantone swatch book. And Pantone teamed up with Sephora (well, TEAMS up) to put out a range of cosmetics each season that match with the seasons’s chosen colors. You can see what they currently have on offer HERE. I also got an amazing 16-color eyeshadow set from them that I’ve been experimenting with for a few months.

This was from last fall, I think, but I wasn’t able to use it. It’s an iridescent gold that goes green in the shadows, and I effing LOVE it. I prefer to accessorize with metallics rather than extra colors, and this polish goes pretty perfectly with the badass necklace that my boyfriend got me from Made.uk.com last year. I’ve been getting compliments from my female students about it since I put it on. I love it.

I know my nails aren’t as long as the ones we normally see in these photos, but living your life on a computer means that these are JUST the right length to NOT accidentally hit the wrong keys, and still manage to scratch someone’s eyes out. This IS long for me, and they won’t get much longer. And this color is perfect.

That’s all.

P.s. Hands look really odd when you photograph them from this angle.